Dressing Celebrities For The Red Carpet Behind-The-Scenes And Their Secrets By Well-Known Stylists

It takes a whole village of designers, fashion stylists, make-up and hair artists, and a swift team of personal assistants to make a celebrity fit to walk the red carpet. Whenever you see your favorite celebrity on the carpet, remember to appreciate the glam team behind her.

The whole red-carpet ensemble always starts with a lot of time investment into the whole planning. The team has to consider and plan first the specific kind of look they are aiming for. Usually, the planning stage starts months before the event. This may be the reason why, some fashion houses, like Givenchy, only accepts to dress one lucky celebrity for an event. Like in the 2017 Golden Globes, the esteemed designer chose Meryl Streep as their honored celebrity to dress for the event. Of course, since Streep is the only one to wear Givenchy, the glam-up team’s degree of preparation preceded their reputation. Perfectly, they succeeded and were highly recognized and praised for it.

It is no secret how an evening dress made by a well-known designer could cost up to millions of dollars for an event. But unknown to most people, the glamour team’s effort also cost them to give the dress justice. So instead of leaving the fact to your imagination, here are a good pick of
celebrity stylists who can paint the picture for you. We are featuring Hollywood’s top fashion power players, Elizabeth Stewart and Micaela Erlanger were describing to us the degree of struggle behind-the-scenes in styling celebrities for their big events.

The First and Last Minute Fittings

According to Elizabeth Stewart, the gown fittings are crucial for making sure they have the right dress and fit for the celebrity. However, sometimes, due to hectic schedules of artists, they are unable to make time for it, and the day before would be the only time. Like what happened to one client, she had to dress in the Oscars of 2017, Cate Blanchett, who only showed up in the morning of the Oscars and with an eight-month bump to additionally cover. For that limelight night, Cate Blanchette has Dries Van Noten to give credit as he was able to give her the Oscars dress for the preggy, and it all turned out very well for her.

Wardrobe Concerns Hours Before The Event

Another thing that Stewart shares is how every stylist should have a back-up plan despite already having a customized and an awesome one for the client. As her golden rule, she must have one, so she won’t need one when it comes down to it. She further shares how, despite the degree of planning a customized celebrity look went through, on the day of the event, there are things that don’t turn up right. Micaela Erlanger, another stylist, shares the same sentiment and also prepares for on-the-day wardrobe malfunctions by having a back-up dress and a seamstress at arm’s length on the day despite multiple times of checking and fitting the dress.

The Trip to the Red Carpet

Another major feat to prepare for is getting the celebrity in her dress to the red carpet. Usually, they are already made up in their hotel rooms or in their homes. But transporting them from there to the event is another ordeal where everything should result in perfection. Yes, and it takes more than just the expertise of the team to credit but also the kind of ride and the position for the whole trip. Erlanger shares how she avoids this situation for her clients by giving them the right dress and material options. They are usually materials that are not easily wrinkled and ones that can hold up in any car, where most stylists would prefer a limo. Christian Siriano also shares how one time he paid at least $2,000 to ship dresses to the client overnight.

Heels For Hours Secret

In 2017, when Stewart assisted Davis Viola in her event, she revealed how Viola always hated heels. In an attempt to keep her comfortable all through the night, Stewart glamorously packed for her rolled-up flats and a bottle of Still Standing spray for her to numb her heel pain. Erlanger’s tip for such a challenge is to always go for ones with pitch as it is what determines the degree of pressure it has on the ball of the foot. She makes note also how anything with a strap makes things a little more comfortable for an all-night event. The strap should acts slightly more supportive than having none.

Must-haves for the Clutches

Stewart and Erlanger advise their clients to make sure that they have in their clutches their lip gloss or lipstick, a pack of energy bar or biscuit, in case they starve, and some IDs. Regardless of what they plan to do after, it is best to have some ID with them and, of course, a credit card or two. Erlanger just had to add their room key, of course.