Living In Style And Spotlight – Inside The Mansions Of Famous Celebrities

We all know that celebrities earn millions of dollars from their contracts, and they can easily get their dream house considering the number of paychecks they get in every project they do. These celebrities worked their way up in Hollywood and earned their A-list or B-list status, allowing them to live a life away from bankruptcy. With that in mind, let me run down which celebrities own mansions with the best style and the most value for money!

Let’s dive deep into their properties as we marvel at their expensive and glamorous lifestyle in and out of the spotlight!wen

Ashton Kutcher & Mile Kunis – $12 Million, Beverly Hills

Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher share a lot of things in common, and that might be the reason why their marriage didn’t need any help from a divorce attorney. The two starred in That ’70s Show, and comfy lives started following them ever since.
Their sanctuary, a $12 million estate located in Beverly Hills, seems to be the perfect spot for raising their family. Kutcher purchased the property after selling his Los Angeles mansion back in 2014. It covers 7,351 square feet of land that houses three bedrooms and a total of four baths. It also offers the privacy and security that every star wants to get.

Nicole Kidman & Keith Urban – $6.5 Million, Australla, Farmhouse

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban are among the entertainment industry’s most successful individuals. Now, with their net worth and fortune combined, they can put up any investment that they like. However, the two wanted to live a simple life away from the watchful eyes and the glamour of the spotlight.
With that in mind, they settled in a $6.5-million farmhouse in the land down under where they can live privately. They also share a lot of precious memories together in their Beverly Hills estate, where they spent around $4.7 million from their accounts.

Shepard Smith — $3.95 Million, New York

Shepard Smith is one of the most trusted names when it comes to delivering unbiased news to the public. He held the role of chief anchor and managing editor of Fox’s breaking news division. He is also the host of his own show where he talked about all the hottest news and shared his opinions.
Last year, his estimated worth almost reached $25 million, and a portion of it went to one of his investments, a real estate property in New York. Smith purchased the house for roughly $1.875 million in 2004, and after less than a decade, he listed it close to $4 million.

Bill O’Reilly – Price Unknown, Long Island

Bill O’Reilly had his fair share of ups and downs over the last couple of years. He’s one of the leading names in the news and current affairs department. In the early 90s, he manned the hit television program Inside Edition. His career reached the peak, and he was even tagged as Fox News Channel’s top gun for almost two decades.
He amassed a huge pot of fortune during those runs until he managed to get a hold of a property in Long Island. We’re not certain of the price he needed to pay for it, but he definitely didn’t use any forms of loans to obtain that estate.

Don Lemon — $3.1 Million, Sag Harbor, Long Island, New York

Don Lemon started in local television news networks in Alabama and Pennsylvania and slowly made his way towards the big stage. His biggest break came through when he signed a contract with NBC as their new news correspondent, gradually building up his reputation as a journalist. He later signed with CNN in 2006 and became a presenter of the late evening news program CNN Tonight. 
As a reward for himself, he decided to get his own house that cost him $3.1 million. We are sure his financial advisor wouldn’t mind that since he already listed more than $10 million as his total net worth.

Matt Damon – $15 Million, Pacific Palisades

Matt Damon became one of the hottest actors in Hollywood, thanks to his box office hits throughout the years. The same can be said about the house he owns in Pacific Palisades, which is considered to be the best house in the neighborhood.
According to some accounts, the actor put a $15 million worth of investment into his famed property back in 2012. It houses a total of seven bedrooms and ten baths. The house also has swimming pools, perfect for his backyard activities. It is a classic looking house that mixes the modern California style with a mix of Spanish Colonial touches.

Heidi Klum – $24 Million, Los Angeles

Like a supermodel who breathes in luxury living for her daily life, it is no surprise that Heidi Klum’s choice of property should also embody high-status living. Her 12,300 square feet villa with Italian-inspired masterpieces, which is located in the heart of Los Angeles, costs around $24 million. Now that’s a mortgage loan amount normal folks would have to pay a lifetime just to afford one.
It houses eight bedrooms and has ten baths. It also has modern amenities such as a spa and a playhouse for her kids. The supermodel also enjoys a breathtaking view of fountains and gazebos right across the yard.

Britney Spears – $9 Million, California

Britney Spears, up until this date, is still considered as one of the premier personalities in the music scene. She rose through the ranks as one of the richest personalities in Hollywood, and with the kind of net worth she has, she wouldn’t have to worry about bankruptcy anytime soon.
She also made a smart move when she purchased a California estate, which now costs around $9 million. It has five bedrooms, eight baths, and three top-notch kitchens. The California mansion also has modern amenities that fit all ages, such as a media room, an outdoor spa, a mini-golf, and a tennis court.

Jennifer Lawrence– $8 Million, Beverly Hills

Most celebrities will trade a huge chunk of their fortune for their privacy and peace of mind. With that said, it might be one of the main reasons why Jennifer Lawrence opted for a Beverly Hills mansion that covers 5,500 square feet of space.
She put in around $8 million for the luxurious estate that holds a total of five bedrooms and six baths that showcase French touches. The ambiance gives off a modern-classical look. The yard is surrounded by luscious greens for that relaxing jive, too. Based on the mansion’s looks, she must be paying enormous dollars for its insurance.

Jessica Alba– $9.95 Million, Beverly Hills

Jessica Alba is one of the prime actresses in Hollywood, and she’s also considered as one of the wealthiest. With that kind of fortune, anyone can live the most glamorous life they can ever imagine, and that’s what Alba did.
She invested a portion of her money on a prime estate in Beverly Hills, and it almost cost her close to $10 million — $9.95 million to be exact. It covers 8,829 square feet and holds seven bedrooms and nine bathrooms. The hillside scenery is covered with trees that give her a refreshing feel. Any financial advisor will love the move that she did to get this property.

Terry Semel – $50 Million, Malibu

Terry Semel is, without a doubt, one of the best when it comes to money management and handling businesses. He is the chairman and CEO of Yahoo! He also made his trail of success in other tech companies over the years. With that kind of resume, you would expect him to live an extravagant lifestyle, especially in his home.
Back in 2012, Semel opted for a Malibu beach house as part of his retirement plan. He gave up an insane amount of fortune to get the property. It’s just a few steps away from the Pacific Ocean. Now, this is a luxury beach house that typical people can’t afford.

Scarlett Johansson – Estimated $3.8 Million, Los Angeles

Scarlett Johansson did more than enough to prove that she can leave a mark in Hollywood. She’s part of the elite circle of highest-grossing performers of all time, and since 2018, she’s named as the highest-paid actress in the world.
With that kind of track record, you would think that she would put a lot of investment into her home. However, she’s actually fine with a simple estate in Los Angeles. Her Los Feliz mansion cost her around $3.8 million and boasts top-notch amenities such as a pool house, spa, and luxurious interiors. Considering that, we could say she got the house for a bargain.

Laura Ingraham – $1.3 Million, Woodley Park

Laura Ingraham is one of the nation’s leading personalities in the news and current affairs. She’s known as the host of The Ingraham Angle in Fox News Channel and the editor-in-chief of LifeZette.
Before her prime, Ingraham used to live in a Woodley Park estate, but as demands grew, she decided to part ways with the property for $1.3 million. The property has a colonial touch complete with modern amenities. It houses three bedrooms, four baths, a couple of kitchens, and an elegant master bedroom. It also boasts a top-notch home security system!

Christie Brinkley – $30 Million Long Island, New York

Christie Brinkley worked up from the ranks and reached the prime of her career as a supermodel. Like all people who rose from the ground up, she also dreamt of a retirement house where she can enjoy the fruit of her labors.
With that in mind, a $30 million estate located in Long Island piqued her interest, and she immediately made an arrangement with her attorneys to purchase the said property. It sports a total of eleven bedrooms and nine baths. It is considered as one of the most luxurious properties in the region. Well, we think she truly deserves it.

Billy Joel – $32.5 Million, Long Island

Billy Joel is an American singer, piano player, and songwriter. He is ranked sixth in the world and third in the United States in terms of record sales. Worldwide record sales have totaled over 100 million records. His songs reached the top ten on the charts in the 1970s and 1990s, and he has won six Grammy Awards.
His 14.6-acre property on Center Island Road in Oyster Bay, New York, is valued at $32.5 million. This magnificent waterfront home offers 180-degree panoramic views, in addition to a 14,000-square-foot main house with three bedrooms, two and a half baths, a guest bungalow, as well as indoor and outdoor pools, tennis courts, and a bowling alley. All the amenities and architectural features are stunning.

Tom Selleck – $5 million, California

Tom Selleck has always been somewhat of a Hollywood recluse, in large part because he likes to live as far away from the spotlight as possible, but for more than 40 years, he’s still managed to land a major role in TV crime movies. In a recent interview, Selleck attributed his career to balancing work and home (a 65-acre ranch in Ventura, California).
“I’m a pretty private person,” says the actor, “and my relationships and my ranch keep me sane.” The ranch used to be a working avocado farm, and Selleck paid more than $5 million for the property when he bought it here in 1988. The Spanish Colonial-style ranch house has eight bedrooms and staff accommodations, as well as a heliport, a swimming pool, a tennis court and more.

Rob Lowe – $42 Million Santa Barbara

Rob Lowe, together with his wife, spent ages trying to look for their dream house. Their patience and perseverance paid off when they found the perfect residence suitable for their liking located at the heart of Santa Barbara. They did a lot of home improvements, renovations or modifications to the property which probably, increased the home insurance cost.
In return, the total amount of the estate now reached a whopping $42 million. The classic estate, with a touch of modern and elegant amenities, holds 20 rooms and was constantly showcased in many design magazines.

Katy Perry – $9.28 Million, Los Angeles

Katy Perry is one of the hottest music artists in the industry. She also proved that she’s not only good with her craft, but she also has good money management and financial literacy skills added to her repertoire. She solidified that stance by putting her hard-earned money to a property that is now valued at $9.28 million, located at the heart of Los Angeles.
The estate shows pretty touches that give the mansion a personality of its own. It also holds four bedrooms and a spacious balcony worthy of being called an amenity that every girl dreams of.

Janet Jackson – $2.8 million, New York & $520 k, Las Vegas

Janet has since quite a while ago possessed a 2,094-square-foot home on the 34th floor of the Trump International Hotel & Tower condominium building. She bought the home in 1998 for $2.8 million, as indicated by open records. It’s one of the best spots in the building for people-watching and offers wonderful views, including of Central Park.
What’s more, the vocalist, lyricist, artist, entertainer and pop symbol additionally possesses a 4,636-square-foot home in Henderson, Northern Virginia, a suburb of Las Vegas, which she bought in 2002 for $520,000 through her Puffy Trust. Rumor has it that this is the house she purchased for her family and that she doesn’t actually live in it herself.

Tina Turner – Price Unknown, Küsnacht

The American rock singer, Tina Turner, has become a Swiss citizen in 2003.
Turner, 80 today, has lived near Zurich since 1995, making a mansion in Küsnacht, overlooking Lake Zurich, her principal residence. “I am very happy in Switzerland and I feel at home here,” she said, “I could not imagine a better place to live.” She appreciated the cleanliness, orderliness and four seasons of Switzerland and was reportedly learning German “diligently”. She’s told the Swiss-German newspaper Blick that after touring the world over, she would never again live elsewhere, and is enjoying simply being a “private person”.

Jennifer Lopez – $28 Million, Bel Air

Jennifer Lopez made her mark in the industry as one of the top performers not only in Hollywood but on a worldwide scale. She has become a sought after singer and actress of her generation. Along with that, she built up good credit scores and financial records throughout the years that allowed her to get a Bel-Air property that is worth $28 million.
The estate is nothing short of spectacular, which reflects the kind of personality Lopez gives out. It’s filled with stylish decors that showcase classic looks matched with modern touches, oozing with the sexy vibe the singer-actress radiates.

Jim Carrey – £3, 2 million, Los Angeles

Hollywood actor and comedian Jim Carrey owns and lives in a beautiful £3, 2 million mansion west of Los Angeles, California, at the foot of the Santa Monica Mountains, on North Tigertail Road, in the community named Brentwood. It’s the wealthiest community in Los Angeles. The property looks large and is surrounded by a full-size tennis court and a swimming pool. There is also a small pool house that is comfortable and convenient.
The property is surrounded by lots of trees. It gives the estate the look and feel of a dense forest. It’s obvious that Carrey loves the natural beauty of its surroundings. The dense trees block out street noise and help maintain privacy with his surrounding neighbors.

Jeff Bezos – $13 Million, California

Jeff Bezos has a lot of investments in the tech and aerospace business. Known as the founder, president, and CEO of Amazon, he revolutionized the online retailers’ playground. He is also clearly one of the richest in the world because of his ingenious idea.
Considering his twelve-digit net worth, he could easily buy out a whole neighborhood. He may have thought of that as he also bought a $13 million property that sits right next to his house in Beverly Hills. The total amount of the combined estate is still not certain, but it’s surely worth a lot of fortune.

Joel Osteen – $10.5 Million, Houston

Joel Osteen is a well-known telecommunicator, pastor and best-selling author from Houston, Texas. With so many sources of income, it’s no wonder that Joel Osteen’s house looks like a castle.
He and his wife, Victoria Osteen, live in an affluent Houston suburb known as “Oak Creek.” The house cost them $10.5 million and has many unique and luxurious features that span the entire mansion, including 6 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms, 5 open wood fireplaces, 3 elevators, 1 guest room, and an outdoor pool. The home has a large backyard surrounded by tall green trees which makes the space even more private.

Wendy Williams – $15,000 per month, New York

As indicated by reports, the TV star has moved into an extravagance loft in New York. The news comes around five months after The Wendy Williams Show have sought legal separation from Kevin Hunter.
The single girl cushion is more than 2,400 square feet and highlights three rooms and three washrooms. The home likewise has floor-to-roof bended windows, so inhabitants can see the exquisite city sees. Also, there are a lot of advantageous enhancements. From the wellness place and the water club to the kids’ region and the outside engaging space, this structure has everything.

Jennifer Hudson – $2.8 Million, Burr Ridge

Jennifer Kate Hudson is an American singer and actress. Born in Chicago, Illinois, she has released several albums and singles, and won the 79th Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress for her 2006 film Dreamgirls.
After winning a string of Oscars, Grammys and other accolades for her acting and singing career, the Chicago native has fallen back on her roots and bought a 12,000-square-foot mansion in the suburb of Burr Ridge. The property was custom-built, which includes six bedrooms, seven bathrooms, and boasts a spiral, floating staircase, two laundry rooms and an in-house screening theater for $2,795,000.

Kaley Cuoco – $6.9 Million, California

Kaley Cuoco became prominent during the late 90s when she appeared on the sitcom 8 Simple Rules. She later grabbed the role of Penny in The Big Bang Theory that aired from 2007 until 2019. During that span, she was considered to be on the higher part of the scale when it comes to contract amounts in every project she received.
With that said, she and her former spouse, Ryan Sweeting, opted for a property that was formerly owned by Khloe Kardashian. The former couple’s property is now for sale right after they signed their divorce papers with the help of their lawyers.

Tom Brady & Gisele Bundchen – $20 Million, California

Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen are among the couples who bridged the sports and fashion industry together. Brady is one of the best NFL players of all time, while Gisele made a name for herself as a model. With their fortune combined, they could buy up any dream house that they like.
And that’s exactly what they had in mind when they purchased a California property for a whopping $20 million. It covers 22,000 square feet of land and houses excellent amenities. The estate also boasts European architecture with a touch of a modern home security system.
Dr. Dre has purchased this property from them in May 2014 for $40 million.

Novak Djokovic – $8.9 Million, Miami

When it comes to Tennis, there are only a few names that can rival Novak Djokovic. With that said, he was able to garner a huge amount of fortune through his pot winnings and his sponsorships over the years.
He used a part of this is getting a dream house for himself and luckily, he was able to get a property that has everything that he needs. The Miami estate didn’t come cheap and it cost him around $8.9 million. It has five bedrooms and an exclusive unobstructed view of the ocean from its terrace. It is also supported by a top of the line home security system!

Bill Cosby — more than $4 million, Shelburne Falls

The comedian Bill Cosby hung out at his huge Massachusetts bequest for a considerable length of time before his arrest. Local people say Cosby remained at the rambling chateau on the edges of Shelburne Falls, Massachusetts, for quite a long time, never wandering into the town because of his helpless visual perception.
The previous celebrated performer set up his home here in the mid-1970s. The compound comprises a few homes: notwithstanding a principle house and five different structures, Cosby has a pool and a tennis court arranged close to the Deerfield River. He and his wife, Camille, have purchased a lot of land in the area for conservation.

O. J. Simpson – $1.8 million, Las Vegas

Simpson lived in an exquisite Las Vegas manor after his delivery from jail in 2017. The previous football star seems to have recaptured his balance nine years in the wake of being condemned to 33 years of parole. In this $1.8 million, 5,000-square-foot chateau, he can appreciate a lavish retirement. Despite the fact that Simpson is almost broke, he has enough in the bank to get him through an amazing remainder.
The enormous home has five rooms, 5 showers, a pool, front yard, private green space and a hot tub. Simpson was likewise ready to rehearse his putting aptitudes when he stepped on the green. “Life is fine.” Simpson said.

Rihanna – $22 Million, Barbados

Rihanna is included in the top-ranking celebrities with the most amount of fortune under her name. She built up her financial records with multiple investments in the technology department. That’s on top of her regular earnings as a singer.
With that kind of fortune, she easily got a hold of a $22 million worth of property in Barbados. It gives out a tropical vibe into it, which is perfect if you are looking for a relaxing time for you and your family. It holds a total of five bedrooms that has a direct view of the beautiful Caribbean Sea. It also comes with a fully-equipped gym, spa, and spacious infinity pools.

John Travolta – $12 Million, Florida

John Travolta is one of the most talented individuals in Hollywood. He can sing, can act and dance. In fact, he’s remembered as one of the top performers of the late 70s and early 80s with movies such as Saturday Night Fever and Grease.
Aside from acting, he also showed phenomenal money management skills over the years and built up a huge pile of fortune. A portion of his total net worth went to a $12 million real estate investment in Florida that comes with a personal airstrip. We don’t usually see a house with an airport as a garage, right?

Will Smith – $42 Million, California

Will Smith is blessed with undeniable talents in acting, singing, and, overall, he’s a nice father to his kids. He credits his rise to fame to the classic sitcom The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, which aired from 1990 until 1996. After a few years, he built up a reputation as one of the premier and bankable actors in Hollywood.
He celebrated his success along with his family by getting a mansion located in California for $20 million. He contracted a few repairers and renovated the mansion, which currently holds a market value of around $42 million. It holds many modern amenities and is protected with a high-end home security system.

Rush Limbaugh – $44.44 Million, Palm Beach Estate

The 69-year-old conservative political commentator, Rush Limbaugh, is one of the top journalists in the industry. He first made a huge push towards public attention in The Rush Limbaugh Show that was aired in AM and FM stations in 1988.
All of his earnings throughout his career gave him the leverage for attaining an estate in Palm Beach that spreads over an area of 24,000 square feet. The ocean-front property also holds five separate houses within the compound, which is protected by a top-notch home security system.

Neil Patrick Harris & David Burtka – $5.5 Million East Hampton

Burtka are among the famous LGBT couples in Hollywood. After their relationship went public, the couple didn’t waste any more time and looked for their dream house where they can establish their own family.
Luckily, they were able to get a hold of a prime property located in East Hampton that only cost around $5.5 million. The multi-story estate is perfect for them since it features many modern and useful amenities that fit their family’s needs. Many financial advisors will agree to the smart move that this couple did.

Kimora Lee Simmons – Beverly Park, Estimated $25 Million

Kimora Lee Simmons has a huge influence on the modeling scene. She’s not only known for her looks and style, but she’s also one of the leading figures in many philanthropic movements.
For a lady of her stature, she only deserves the best. That’s why she bought her Beverly Hills property that costs around $25 million. It sits on 20,000 square feet of land and houses a total of seven bedrooms and 11 baths. Guests can also enjoy their time in their private wet bar with a full-sized pool, which is perfect for any sudden outdoor parties. We think it also has a top-notch home security system.

Minnie Driver – $2.5 Million, Hollywood Hills

Minnie Driver is a famous English actress, who rose through the ranks, thanks to her sheer will and impressive acting abilities. She even won multiple awards throughout the years with her solid performances in many films.
After building up a reputation and fortune under her name, she placed her money and put in a timely investment in a Hollywood Hills property, which is worth $2.5 million. It has a Gypsy feel to it, which reflects Driver’s personality. In fact, it was featured several times in Elle Decor thanks to its unique vibe.

Tommy Hilfiger – $27.5 Million, Florida

Tommy Hilfiger is one of the fashion industry’s leading personalities. He spent most of his time in his prime investment, the Tommy Hilfiger Corporation as a founder and fashion designer.
Over the course of his business and professional career, he was able to amass a huge chunk of fortune, which gives him immunity to any forms of bankruptcy. He also put up a bold purchase of a Florida estate that is located at Golden Beach. It covers 14,079 square feet and features outstanding architectures. A home worthy for a top fashion designer!

Drake – $7.7 Million, Hidden Hills

Drake is one of the leading artists of hip-hop and he proved that over the years with his excellent music. He also showed flashes of solid money management skills. A prime example of it was his Hidden Hills mansion.
Originally, it was listed for an insane $27 million, but for some reason, he was able to get it down to a reasonable $7.7 million. He immediately ran his artistic mind to work and started working for a plan for a luxurious pool. He also made a series of waterfalls and secret passageways, which is every man’s dream.

John Rich – $579,975, Nashville

The popular country music star, John Rich, made his way towards the mainstream music scene with the help of his talent in singing and writing unforgettable country songs. Many financial advisors agree that it was the right move for him at that time, and he was able to build-up a nice reputation after going solo.
As a reward for his bold move, he purchased a luxurious mansion in Nashville, which is popular with the locals as Mt. Rushmore. It spreads across 17,081 square feet of land, and inside, it holds five bedrooms, ten baths, and a private club. It even has its own elevator. If that’s not luxurious, we don’t know how to describe it.

Eddie Murphy – $85 Million, Hollywood Hills

Eddie Murphy is considered one of the top comedians in the history of Hollywood. Before his prime, he and his family purchased a property in Hollywood Hills that cost around $20 million. However, more recent assessments show that the estate is now worth $85 million. That’s more than double to the expected return of investment they were expecting in the first place.
The estate is now comparable to a personal vacation resort that has a total of thirty-two rooms. It spreads over a sixteen-acre of land. The main complex has nine bedrooms and nine baths. It also has both indoor and outdoor pools, among other awesome amenities.

Steven Spielberg – $6.5 Million, Pacific Palisades

Steven Spielberg is one of Hollywood’s most successful filmmakers of all time. He not only made a huge contribution to the local film industry, but he also made a huge ripple in the worldwide entertainment scene.
Along with that, he also made a huge fortune, which allowed him to get a precious Pacific Palisades property for a whopping $6.5 million in 1985. It sits in a 145,000 square feet of land which is surrounded by luscious greens. We bet he didn’t need any loans for this and paid the property with cold hard cash. We believe Steven Spielberg can afford almost anything.

Beyonce & Jay Z – $135 Million, Los Angeles

The power couple of Beyonce and Jay-Z is considered to be one of the most influential in the entertainment scene. With a combined net worth beyond the $1 billion mark, they can clearly get even the most expensive property without taking any loans.
In fact, they made a home out of a mansion that is comparable to a palace that is now worth $135 million. It has more than a hundred rooms in it and a room filled with aquariums. The mansion also has its amenities such as a night club, home theater system, a tennis court, a bowling alley, and several pools.

Justin Bieber – $20 Milllion, Hollywood Hills

Many financial advisors have mixed views when it comes to their clients’ home investments. Some will argue that renting would be more beneficial, while others tend to stick with the idea about purchasing it fully. In that regard, Justin Bieber might be one of the people who prefer the former.
With more than $280 million under his name, he can easily afford a Hollywood Hills property that is worth $20 million. It is a sleek-looking mansion filled with modern amenities. The estate also holds six bedrooms, seven baths, and a garage that can fit up to seven cars. Every month, the artist pays around $60,000, which is not bad considering the mansion’s market value.

Nelly Furtado – $1.4 Million, Toronto

Canadian singer and songwriter, Nelly Furtado, rose to fame with her debut album Whoa, Nelly! Some of the songs in this critically-acclaimed and commercially successful album reached the top spots in Billboards’ Hot 100 chart. She even brought home a Grammy, which marked her excellence in the mainstream music scene and proved that she is indeed an outstanding artist.
She also showed exceptional money management skills with her wise purchase of a $1.4 million property in Toronto. It has all the amenities she and her family needs, and it is also located in a prime spot of the city.

Cher – $45 Million, Malibu

Cher is one of the known celebrities that always enjoys all the luxurious things in life. The same can be said when it comes to her choice of real estate.
Her Malibu mansion is a popular spot when people want to see an Italian-Renaissance-style mansion. It covers around 16,000 square feet of land, and the main structure is filled with expensive Moroccan rugs with a couple of Mexican-inspired fireplaces. This lavish investment is said to be worth around $45 million. It is also safe to say that her Malibu mansion would play a huge role when she finally makes up her mind and fully retires from the industry.

Kate Hudson – $5.3 Million, Pacific Palisades

Back in the days when Kate Hudson and Matt Bellamy were still together, they used to own a property in Pacific Palisades that cost around $5.3 million. Unfortunately, when the couple part ways in 2014, both parties’ group of lawyers agreed that they should sell the house and split the profits.
The estate is described as nothing short of spectacular. It is filled with expensive decors, and its timeless style will fit any taste. It is truly a one of a kind property located in the heart of Los Angeles.

Lebron James – $23 Million, Los Angeles

Lebron James is one of the most influential people in the recent sports scene. In fact, many will agree that he could be the next legend of basketball. We also know that these athletes’ contracts cost millions of dollars per year, and that allowed him to purchase a lavish property in Los Angeles.
The Lakers superstar’s home is one of the most expensive in the area, having a price tag of around $23 million. It boasts an outdoor-indoor fitness center and a private wine cellar. It also has eight bedrooms. If the basketball superstar decides to part ways with his real estate investment, this will definitely give him a huge return.

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