Living In Style And Spotlight – Inside The Mansions Of Famous Celebrities

We all know that celebrities earn millions of dollars from their contracts, and they can easily get their dream house considering the number of paychecks they get in every project they do. These celebrities worked their way up in Hollywood and earned their A-list or B-list status, allowing them to live a life away from bankruptcy. With that in mind, let me run down which celebrities own mansions with the best style and the most value for money!

Let’s dive deep into their properties as we marvel at their expensive and glamorous lifestyle in and out of the spotlight!wen

Ashton Kutcher & Mile Kunis – $12 Million, Beverly Hills

Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher share a lot of things in common, and that might be the reason why their marriage didn’t need any help from a divorce attorney. The two starred in That ’70s Show, and comfy lives started following them ever since.
Their sanctuary, a $12 million estate located in Beverly Hills, seems to be the perfect spot for raising their family. Kutcher purchased the property after selling his Los Angeles mansion back in 2014. It covers 7,351 square feet of land that houses three bedrooms and a total of four baths. It also offers the privacy and security that every star wants to get.

Nicole Kidman & Keith Urban – $6.5 Million, Australla, Farmhouse

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban are among the entertainment industry’s most successful individuals. Now, with their net worth and fortune combined, they can put up any investment that they like. However, the two wanted to live a simple life away from the watchful eyes and the glamour of the spotlight.
With that in mind, they settled in a $6.5-million farmhouse in the land down under where they can live privately. They also share a lot of precious memories together in their Beverly Hills estate, where they spent around $4.7 million from their accounts.

Shepard Smith — $3.95 Million, New York

Shepard Smith is one of the most trusted names when it comes to delivering unbiased news to the public. He held the role of chief anchor and managing editor of Fox’s breaking news division. He is also the host of his own show where he talked about all the hottest news and shared his opinions.
Last year, his estimated worth almost reached $25 million, and a portion of it went to one of his investments, a real estate property in New York. Smith purchased the house for roughly $1.875 million in 2004, and after less than a decade, he listed it close to $4 million.

Bill O’Reilly – Price Unknown, Long Island

Bill O’Reilly had his fair share of ups and downs over the last couple of years. He’s one of the leading names in the news and current affairs department. In the early 90s, he manned the hit television program Inside Edition. His career reached the peak, and he was even tagged as Fox News Channel’s top gun for almost two decades.
He amassed a huge pot of fortune during those runs until he managed to get a hold of a property in Long Island. We’re not certain of the price he needed to pay for it, but he definitely didn’t use any forms of loans to obtain that estate.

Don Lemon — $3.1 Million, Sag Harbor, Long Island, New York

Don Lemon started in local television news networks in Alabama and Pennsylvania and slowly made his way towards the big stage. His biggest break came through when he signed a contract with NBC as their new news correspondent, gradually building up his reputation as a journalist. He later signed with CNN in 2006 and became a presenter of the late evening news program CNN Tonight. 
As a reward for himself, he decided to get his own house that cost him $3.1 million. We are sure his financial advisor wouldn’t mind that since he already listed more than $10 million as his total net worth.

Matt Damon – $15 Million, Pacific Palisades

Matt Damon became one of the hottest actors in Hollywood, thanks to his box office hits throughout the years. The same can be said about the house he owns in Pacific Palisades, which is considered to be the best house in the neighborhood.
According to some accounts, the actor put a $15 million worth of investment into his famed property back in 2012. It houses a total of seven bedrooms and ten baths. The house also has swimming pools, perfect for his backyard activities. It is a classic looking house that mixes the modern California style with a mix of Spanish Colonial touches.

Heidi Klum – $24 Million, Los Angeles

Like a supermodel who breathes in luxury living for her daily life, it is no surprise that Heidi Klum’s choice of property should also embody high-status living. Her 12,300 square feet villa with Italian-inspired masterpieces, which is located in the heart of Los Angeles, costs around $24 million. Now that’s a mortgage loan amount normal folks would have to pay a lifetime just to afford one.
It houses eight bedrooms and has ten baths. It also has modern amenities such as a spa and a playhouse for her kids. The supermodel also enjoys a breathtaking view of fountains and gazebos right across the yard.

Britney Spears – $9 Million, California

Britney Spears, up until this date, is still considered as one of the premier personalities in the music scene. She rose through the ranks as one of the richest personalities in Hollywood, and with the kind of net worth she has, she wouldn’t have to worry about bankruptcy anytime soon.
She also made a smart move when she purchased a California estate, which now costs around $9 million. It has five bedrooms, eight baths, and three top-notch kitchens. The California mansion also has modern amenities that fit all ages, such as a media room, an outdoor spa, a mini-golf, and a tennis court.

Jennifer Lawrence– $8 Million, Beverly Hills

Most celebrities will trade a huge chunk of their fortune for their privacy and peace of mind. With that said, it might be one of the main reasons why Jennifer Lawrence opted for a Beverly Hills mansion that covers 5,500 square feet of space.
She put in around $8 million for the luxurious estate that holds a total of five bedrooms and six baths that showcase French touches. The ambiance gives off a modern-classical look. The yard is surrounded by luscious greens for that relaxing jive, too. Based on the mansion’s looks, she must be paying enormous dollars for its insurance.

Jessica Alba– $9.95 Million, Beverly Hills

Jessica Alba is one of the prime actresses in Hollywood, and she’s also considered as one of the wealthiest. With that kind of fortune, anyone can live the most glamorous life they can ever imagine, and that’s what Alba did.
She invested a portion of her money on a prime estate in Beverly Hills, and it almost cost her close to $10 million — $9.95 million to be exact. It covers 8,829 square feet and holds seven bedrooms and nine bathrooms. The hillside scenery is covered with trees that give her a refreshing feel. Any financial advisor will love the move that she did to get this property.