Hollywood Celebrities Let’S You in Their Weight Loss Journey

Being a person with a TV personality or at least being born to such a family will surely take a toll on you especially when it comes to keeping up with appearances. Take for example the following celebrities who in one way or another gave in to the pressure. While making sure they keep a good appearance and form in the cameras is always a good motivation to lose weight, I think these celebrities are all in the agreement of the effects and benefits of having to keep a normal weight for their age and height is much more rewarding. And though the struggle is real, making it their priority has been worth their investment.


Always known for her massive built, Mama June decided to finally up her weight loss game to have different surgeries target to get big changes in losing the weight. And though she did get effective procedures, she also put in an equal amount of hard work in maintaining training routines and having a healthy diet. Now, in her 40s, it’s hard to remember that she was once this huge lady. It was actually just in 2016 when she started to get this gastric sleeve surgery and went back to fix her excess skin that actually started to hang loosely after a much visible weight loss.

It is not easy losing weight when you’re a public figure as it can sometimes lead to unwanted social pressure from the media or other related communities. Mama June’s escape from a life of being constantly body-shamed has undoubtedly become one of the more inspiring news items that Hollywood has seen in a while. Hopefully, we see more of Mama June’s newfound resolve and mental fortitude in the years to come.