Embarrassing Moments You Will Never Expect to Happen at a Wedding

When you say a wedding, you will expect it to be a celebration of love. Two people will exchange their vows and show the world how much they value each other and the degree of love they have for one another. It means to be a happy one, of course. As they say, many women are dreaming of their perfect weddings.

It should be a memorable occasion, filled with smiles, laughter, and happy tears, but what if something unexpected happens? A disastrous event that may ruin the most important event in your life will occur.

Will you walk out from your wedding or handle it like it never happened? Unfortunately, there are several occasions when a marriage becomes a little uncomfortable, not just for the couple but for every guest.

No one holds their fate so that bad things can happen anytime. Though not everything is in your control, you do not have to let it ruin the special day.

Learn from this list of embarrassing moments you will never expect to happen at a wedding.

Never Talk About the Former Partner in a Speech

A best man talked about the groom’s former wife in his speech for the newly wedded couple. Though he bashed the ex-spouse, hoping his new marriage would work out this time, it still turned out very awkward. It was painful to watch, probably making the couple uncomfortable, too. As many wished them a good life, one was already comparing the groom’s spouses. Sure, you could say that the best man did not mean to hurt the bride and groom’s feelings, but it was already said and done.

He might have a good intention, not wanting his friend to go through another bloody procedure of hiring a credible lawyer and going through a separation, but it was not the perfect time. If he was going to say something meaningful, it should be about their shared bond and the future he saw for them. We wonder if they are still friends.