Embarrassing Moments You Will Never Expect to Happen at a Wedding

When you say a wedding, you will expect it to be a celebration of love. Two people will exchange their vows and show the world how much they value each other and the degree of love they have for one another. It means to be a happy one, of course. As they say, many women are dreaming of their perfect weddings.

It should be a memorable occasion, filled with smiles, laughter, and happy tears, but what if something unexpected happens? A disastrous event that may ruin the most important event in your life will occur.

Will you walk out from your wedding or handle it like it never happened? Unfortunately, there are several occasions when a marriage becomes a little uncomfortable, not just for the couple but for every guest.

No one holds their fate so that bad things can happen anytime. Though not everything is in your control, you do not have to let it ruin the special day.

Learn from this list of embarrassing moments you will never expect to happen at a wedding.

Never Talk About the Former Partner in a Speech

A best man talked about the groom’s former wife in his speech for the newly wedded couple. Though he bashed the ex-spouse, hoping his new marriage would work out this time, it still turned out very awkward. It was painful to watch, probably making the couple uncomfortable, too. As many wished them a good life, one was already comparing the groom’s spouses. Sure, you could say that the best man did not mean to hurt the bride and groom’s feelings, but it was already said and done.

He might have a good intention, not wanting his friend to go through another bloody procedure of hiring a credible lawyer and going through a separation, but it was not the perfect time. If he was going to say something meaningful, it should be about their shared bond and the future he saw for them. We wonder if they are still friends.

Don’t Bet About the Couples

If you are not confident about the union of the newlyweds, keep it to yourself. If you cannot help yourself and want to start a bet with a circle of friends, try not to let the couple know. If you still did not want to, join them in the chance instead.

When someone is getting married, and some convince themselves, they will not last, the bets on how long the marriage will last begin. There is also a side bet about who is going to cheat first. Sadly, this move seems to be making fun of their union, whether intentional or not. If it is a joke, it is obviously not a good one, too. These people can make their bets to the proper place to spend their funds and grow them. Hopefully, they won’t end up opting for a money loan if they lose all of their money.

Never Pick the Flowers

One of the cutest parts of the wedding ceremony is seeing the flower girls throwing petals on the ground. However, if you plan to pick them, please, don’t! It is part of the entourage for a reason. It needs to stay on the aisle while the bride walks down to the pedestal. Don’t you think it’s lovely to see a beautiful bride wearing a pure-white gown walking on the sea of flowers?

Of course, it is, so never pick the flowers. Aside from ruining the wedding, you will also be a massive eyesore in the wedding video. You probably know how much this video footage cost, and it is already a fortune. Anyhow, the couple is making an investment in a dream marriage that they have always wanted, so money may never be an issue. More importantly, this means just let the flowers sit there.

Never Wear White Dress

If you’re not the bride and only a guest, you have to understand that white dress is only for the soon-to-be wife. Yup, it is a rule of thumb that receives widespread following until now. If you are hard-headed and still wanted to wear white despite this rule, prepare for the incredible degree of stare you are about to get.

Everyone’s attention should focus on the bride, and no one should steal—not even a beautiful guest. Moreover, this includes not wearing even an off-white colored dress. Anyhow, some brides seem not to mind this rule, though you have to ask for their permission. One Reddit user shared her planned outfit for a wedding and asked the bride to wear a white top paired with a black skirt. As this was not a full white, the bride agreed and said she appreciated asking for her permission.

An Unfortunate Series of Events in One Wedding

You may probably not believe that this series of unfortunate events happened all at once in one wedding, but it did. One guy boldly lifted the bride’s skirt when the groom was going under it to get the garter from the leg. He also puked all over DJ’s soundboard. Not only that, but he also did it in his bag.

If those were not yet enough, he almost started a fistfight with a number of his childhood friends. If you wanted to meet him, his name is Jorge, and everything he did happened on tape, which needed to be on YouTube with proper credits. If you think he was drunk, yes, he was. Though the couple might feel horrible at the time, it was hilarious seeing Jorge put on a big show to entertain the guests. We just hoped that they weren’t scared.

Never Make a Scene

The bride and groom should avoid making drama in their wedding. Why? The scene they will make will be the only thing that their guests will remember. Take this one as an example; he and his wife held a small ceremony, attended by only their few friends, sister, and the latter’s husband. Suddenly, the aircon in a small dining room reception broke down probably due to some electricity problem, though it saw repairs quickly in time for dinner.

As it took some time for the room to cool down, a series of drama happened. The family was surprised that the couple didn’t mind the hot temperature. The cousin of her sister’s husband then announced her pregnancy, stealing the scene from the newlyweds. The best man then got into a fight with his fiancée, threatening anyone who would try to stop him from a big fight. It’s a wedding no one could forget.

Don’t Stop the Wedding

A beautiful wedding turned out to be a disaster when the groom’s mom stood up to make a speech in the middle of the event. She effortlessly stole the scene when she said during the reception that her son’s marriage with the bride, whose name she forgot, would never last. She even asked the name of her daughter-in-law when she unleashed her wrath.

Thirteen years later, the couple remains married and seems to have no plans to hire an attorney for legal separation. Anyhow, she is still angry at her husband’s mom, and it’s easy to understand why. Though the mom went full beast mode back then, the pair is still deeply in love with each other today. They can even make her see it, proving everything she said at their wedding was not true, and their love for each other is real.

Don’t Call the Bride Names

Indeed, this is another event of keep everything terrible you think of to yourself. A bride from a very conservative family received names just because she wore a halter top dress. Mind you, she had a jacket over it, but the degree of talks about her continued. Where did the word start? Believe it or not, it’s from the best man’s family.

They started gossiping about the bride and her alleged immodest dress. They even gave her rude names, which they should never do. It was her event, and they’re only guests, so as it turned out, there were the ones who were rude. For starters, another sacred rule in the wedding is not to hit on the bride. It looks like only a few know this, and the worse is, they are not even close to the bride—the nerve these people have.

 Wait for Your Time to Shine

If you can’t steal everyone’s attention from the newlyweds, never do it to others, too. A man robbed the spotlight from the best man, who was delivering his speech for the couple. Why did he do that? Well, he wanted to propose to his girlfriend, stealing the incredible scene of the best man and his buddies.

This event was not only awkward. It wasn’t polite, too, ruining the bride and groom’s big day. If this guy wanted the spotlight, he should have waited for his time to shine. Anyhow, the focus was already on him, though in a bad light. It was also probably caught on tape; the pair would never forget him. Who would, by the way? With the drama he made, it was perhaps one of the most unforgettable events at the wedding—if not the most remembered. Should we give him credits for that?

Try to Choose a Different Venue

A man named Rob held his second wedding at the same place where he married his first wife. Though there was a significant 15 years difference between the two weddings, denial isn’t possible as it was still very awkward. He even had the same best man for both events, and Rob told him he knew what to do when he gave him a ring after doing it once.

The story did not just end there, though. When the best man talked to the groom, he asked if he wanted to get his own parking space and spend investment in the place if he still planned to get married for the third event in the same area. Though he seemed to have a hilarious joke, the bride’s family seemed not to get it. They were not impressed that he seemed to allude they would split, and Rob would get married again.

 Put Your Phones on Silent

A wedding is one of the most solemn events that you can witness. Everything about it is beautiful, from the setup to the flowers and more. What a waste it will be if a simple ringtone will ruin it? It will be an awkward and embarrassing moment for the phone owner, for sure.

One guest shared his experience of ruining a wedding when he forgot to put his phone on silent. When it suddenly rang with an incredible degree of volume, and the ringtone was Baby Come Back by the Player, he wished to be invisible and be out of that place in a snap. Well, it was not only the wedding he ruined. The guy also made a huge mess on its video. The videographer probably caught the noise on tape, and he might find it hard to edit and remove it while the wedding took place.

Don’t Rush the Couple with a Baby

We get it; it has been a standard question for some to ask the couple when they plan to start a family and have a baby. However, can’t we just let them enjoy their wedding and their honeymoon after it? They probably want to enjoy each other’s company first as husband and wife before taking their marriage to another deep level.

Nobody wants to opt for a personal loan just because they are not ready yet to jump into building a family after everything they have spent for the wedding. We all know the expenses here are no joke, and it takes a fortune to pull off a dream wedding. The best thing to say to the newlyweds is undoubtedly a sweet message of congratulations. You can also talk to them about their romance and how bright their future will be together.

Get Yourself Together

If you have any issues with anyone at the wedding, it is better to get yourself together until the ceremony and the whole event ends—especially if you’re the bride’s mother. You should give it to your daughter and have your feelings set aside.

A wedding photographer shared his painful experience at a wedding he covered. When he was about to start the family photographs with the bride and the groom in the middle, the bride’s mom made a scene. She saw placement on the opposite side of her former husband after misbehaving. The mom was intoxicated, and during the picture taking, she was yelling over the heads of her daughter and son-in-law to insult her ex-husband. Sadly, the bride was in tears, nearing breaking down. The photo session then halted as they tried to calm the mother down—credits to the photographer for being a professional, though it was the last wedding he covered.

Don’t Let Your Guests Shoulder the Expenses

If you’re planning a wedding, don’t make it too big if you have enough money to fund it and have your guests shoulder the expenses. A couple shared their experience of being invited to a married in Jamaica, where they had to pay $1,000 per head for four days. Interestingly, this didn’t even include the food expenses and airfare. Knowing it was a tourist season, the rate would surely be sky-high.

As the wedding was also an Italian luxe theme, everything had to match each other well. The invited couple paid $350 for the suit, while the woman shelled out $1,200 for her dress—depending on the size. In total, they could have spent $5,000 to be guests at a wedding, so as expected, along with the majority of other guests, they refused. They didn’t want to spend a lot and even used their credit cards for this dreamy event.

The Sacred Cake

At wedding receptions following dinner, a traditional cake is served. And in some parts of England, the wedding cake is made during the wedding breakfast—a time following the ceremony on the same day. In this day and age, especially in popular Western cultures, the cake is displayed and served to guests at the reception. However, the wedding cake tradition goes back to Roman times, and the cake of the meal crumbles over the bride’s head to provide good luck.

The bride does the first slice to bring good luck in the marriage, as the wedding cake happens to symbolize fertility and fortune and shares good luck with everyone who eats it to some degree. Another tradition surrounding a wedding cake is that a bride puts aside a slice to ensure her husband’s fidelity. It would be shameful if someone sticks their hand in the cake before the couple does.

Brides And Babies Don’t Mix

There are several scenarios if a baby comes to a wedding. One moment these little angels are cooing or napping in the ceremony, and the next thing you know, they scream to high heaven throughout the wedding ceremony. Either the bride or groom may ask the officiant to repeat the vows a second or third time to hear them over the uproar of the cute tot.

As couples love inviting families and friends to their wedding day, some may bring along their little bundles of joy. However, some recognize unique situations, such as a guest making a journey out of town to attend the special day, and it’s tough to find someone to come in for the weekend to watch the kids or baby, as well as if the guest is a nursing mother on breastfeeding. It’s really up to the couple to a great degree to show compassion.

Misbehaving Maid Of Honor

The maid of honor usually takes the lead in the bridal shower and bachelorette party and is the leading person for the bridesmaids throughout the planning stage and on the day of the wedding. The bride typically appoints a maid of honor, and she could be a sister, best friend, or female relative. She should walk a fine line of being supportive to the bride and not overwhelming to some degree.

After a maid of honor receives her honorary role, she should then initiate a conversation with the bride and discuss the critical tasks ahead or how best she can support her during the wedding planning process. The former should be open about personalities and decide if the bride will delegate. Meanwhile, no bride would want a maid of honor acting up, and that’s what exactly happened in one wedding where a maid of honor threw a tantrum, placed the bride’s veil in the bathroom trash can.

Awkward Father Of The Bride

Typically, the traditional running order of wedding speeches involves the bride’s father as the first person to give an address at the wedding reception—there are even online classes for this— and generally seen as the warm-up act, then followed by the groom best man’s speeches. The bride’s father begins his speech by thanking the guests for attending and acknowledging his daughter’s new parents-in-law, as well as welcoming his new son-in-law to the family.

Most often than not, these fathers’ speeches in their daughters’ wedding reception usually are heart-warming messages, but some would recall a funny moment with their daughters. In one wedding, where the bride’s father was a pastor, he talked for several minutes about the number of couples that came to him, expressing their predicaments in their marriage life. It was an uncomfortable scene to some to a degree.

Untimely Revelation Of Unpleasant Secret

Weddings are moments of joy and celebration with families and friends and new members of the latter. These are some of the nostalgic moments that give pleasure in life in retrospect. The couples would usually set aside a big chunk of their savings, or personal loans for that matter, to prepare the special day for both of them. Families and friends help out in making sure everything is checked and in place.

However, some unwelcomed events come up unexpectedly, in some cases, during the wedding celebration, and anyone is caught unprepared. In one wedding, someone shared an unpleasant secret to the bride while intoxicated—a piece of information that didn’t sit very well with the bride. This person shared that her husband had deceived her while they were still dating. Well, we can only guess what happened to the couple after that.

Groom’s Mini-Me

Have you ever come across someone looking surprisingly similar to you in appearance? Or somebody had told you that they saw a person who they thought was you, and it’s not uncommon, especially these days, with roughly 8 billion people in the world. It’s commonly called a doppelganger, lookalike, or “mini-me.” In mythology and fiction, a doppelganger often takes portrayal as a paranormal or ghostly phenomenon. Indeed, the negative connotation associated with these phenomena doesn’t make for a pleasurable sensation.

There are also times when grooms would serendipitously look a lot like the bride’s child nephew, literally or by comparison. Depending on a person’s perspective, this might offend some, while others find it somewhat funny. But if one would think about it, that only means that the groom looks younger than he is to a degree. However, some would feel annoyance or irritation and believe that it would cause drama.

Don’t Get Psyched

In the olden times, officiants or ministers would always ask the people in attendance of a wedding ceremony questions regarding the serious matter. Moreover, these concerns often relate to how anyone can show a just cause why the couple cannot join together in compliance with the law in matrimony; they should speak up or forever hold their peace. But some officiants say that it became obsolete, and the tradition is slowly phasing out on account of unavailable legitimate grounds.

One cannot just simply object because he or she is in love with the bride or groom. It has to be legal why the couple cannot wed—a lawyer is knowledgeable. In today’s modern times, the legal aspects of the wedding are dealt with appropriately pair gets to the altar. That’s the reason why most of the officiants don’t ask the question. So if someone’s bold enough to pull a prank or otherwise, the ceremony can still push through—of course, after that person receives escort outside.

Mind What You Throw

People do many wedding practices, especially after the couple walks as a married pair, and one of those is throwing lace-wrapped rice tied up into little balls with bows to the bride and groom. Once in a wedding, a child asked his father what the lace-wrapped rice was for, and his father happily answered his son for its use, not knowing that he was going to witness a baseball-like pitch of the little balls to the bride’s face.

As the couple was leaving and the church’s doors opened, the child threw a speedy fastball of rice and hit the bride, his cousin, on her eye, dropping her to the ground and cried. And for little junior, he received a simultaneous smack on the head— courtesy of his father. Indeed, not an ideal delicate moment to some degree for the young kid.

Quite A Run For The Bride

Most wedding stories are funny and heart-warming, but this one got the guests cringing onto their seats. The story goes that the bride had many lovers in the past, and the best man had something up his sleeves during his speech. At some point in the reception, he asked all her previous lovers to return the keys to her apartment. One after another, several men went up and placed each of their keys in a hat.

It was just a typical scene for many and not awkward or bizarre until an older man with a walker slowly went up. The next was a young lad, to the astonishment of the audience. Well, perhaps this was just one of the jokes the best man pulled for the couple and guests’ amusement. If that’s the case, he should receive unwarranted credit for the unusual mischievous act.

Don’t Bring Dogs

Unexpected things can sometimes happen at a wedding reception or during the matrimonial ceremony itself. In one marriage, someone’s best friend got married, and the couple brought their dog along. During the solemnity, their dog kept on whining as a relative held on the leash. When they decided to let it go, the dog went onto the grass behind the couple and relieved itself. So it’s not a desirable idea to bring a puppy to a wedding ceremony.

Nonetheless, doing a little legwork in advance in making sure you and your pet are setting up for success on that particular day is doable to a great degree, just like in any aspect of wedding planning. Think about what’s best for your pup and not just for you. If your dog is stressed or has anxiety with new people, it’s better to put them in front and center at an event.

Mind Your Other Half Not The Groom

Anything can happen at a party, especially after a wedding. Booze is everywhere, and intoxication is quite likely than not. In one instance, at a wedding, everyone was having fun when a bridesmaid fancied the intoxicated groom and kept trying to have a dance with the latter. At that point, it started to make him feel uneasy, and he began to get people in between them.

Eventually, everyone began to notice and felt uncomfortable with the bridesmaid’s behavior since she grabbed the groom and danced very close to him to some degree. Finally, her boyfriend had enough. He grabbed her arms and went outside the event, and everyone stopped to observe the bickering. As quickly as it ended, the boyfriend left, and the bridesmaid pursued him, while the other bridesmaid followed suit. Later on, they all came back without the couple.

Contemplate On What You Want To Wear

Most often, bridal parties come with a diverse group of women with different physiques, preferences, and coloring. And sometimes, the bride will choose the bridesmaids’ outfits that share a similar theme but are not identical. Even though the styles and colors have changed throughout the years, brides always dress their best. Those with high social standing and royalty always dressed at the height of fashion, sparing no expense.

In ancient times, rather than joining two people in love, many weddings were economic unions. Nonetheless, the brides may still have chosen to symbolize their joy by wearing wedding garments in bright colors. And this is also true for the bridesmaid when marriage isn’t an option yet. It’s the closest thing for them. Meanwhile, some guests may unwittingly wear the same style and color as the bridesmaids’ dresses, and everybody might think differently to some degree.

Don’t Get In The Way

The practice of wedding photography has grown and evolved since the invention of photographic art by Joseph Nicephore Niepce in 1826. In the later part of the 19th century, most people didn’t pose for formal wedding photos. Instead, they might pose for a decent picture in their best clothes before or after a wedding. Only in the late 1860s did the couples begin to pose in their wedding clothing.

Wedding photography was primarily a studio practice for most of the late 19th century due to the bulky pieces of equipment. However, anyone with a smartphone can take a photo anytime and anywhere, especially at weddings. But since the couple hires a professional photographer, perhaps it’s a good idea to ask him for a copy of a photo of the couple. And though the couple may appreciate your phone shots of them, they would preferably want the professional to take care of it, given their investments in the wedding.

 No Kids This Time

Including the little ones in a wedding would make for a more memorable celebration, especially if the couple already has kids. You ask the children how they’d feel most comfortable taking part and find an age-appropriate way to involve them. One way is to let them help you with simple tasks like crafts, hand-writing your guests’ cards and welcome baskets, and stamping envelopes.

However, there will also come when children are not allowed in a wedding, which can be pretty controversial depending on one’s perspective. Some couples choose to announce that they’re having a child-free celebration by addressing the parents on the invitation and not naming any children. Make your adults-only policy clear from the beginning and explain the reason behind your preference to clear out any misunderstanding. You will receive appropriate credit for enlightening all the invited people. More importantly, taking care of these things earlier will alleviate some of the stress from the main event itself.

Mind The Length Of Your Speech

One of the daunting and stressful tasks is writing a wedding speech. Whether you’re the best man, father of the bride, groom, or bridesmaid, writing a wedding speech isn’t that difficult as it seems. Wedding guests are positive listeners. They will be supportive and don’t expect too much, as they want to laugh and not put too much pressure on the person giving the speech.

Traditionally, the bride’s father, groom, and best man were the only people who formally toasted at a wedding. But nowadays, we’re seeing the bride, maid of honor, and bridesmaid say a few words. As recommended, wedding speeches should last no more than five minutes, the latter being the maximum to a degree. Having a few note cards handy is encouraged, as the person giving the speech might get nervous, excited, or exhausted. Conversely, freeballing the speech might also provide some humourous and quality moments during the wedding.

That’s The Last Speech He’ll Ever Give

A special message from either the husband or the wife’s side is a vital part of every wedding. These speeches serve as a gateway to the overwhelming emotions on the couple’s special day. The best wedding speeches stay in the memories of the audience forever and will perpetually remind them of the fateful day. However, some speeches, no matter how much one has rehearsed, can be quite challenging to word. A single toast might not be enough to pour out all of your emotions.

One of the most memorable speeches is one given by the twin brother of a groom, who was obviously the best man. Having downed a few glasses of alcohol, he proclaimed his inseparable bond with his brother. “We were together in the womb. That’s forever. You can’t break that.” A degree of awkward silence ensued. The twin brother’s speech eventually became an inside joke within their family.

Creamer Can Ruin The Day

You have just tried on a rental dress for your best friend’s wedding. This exquisite piece of clothing will be altered according to your measurements—just the perfect fit. You will be tempted to try it on a couple more times just before the wedding. However, all of these are easier said than done.

Wedding dresses are usually embedded with heavy layers of cloth and complicated details that can be quite susceptible to damage. From stains to loose threads to the yellowing of fabric, a lot of factors can affect the overall quality of the dress, which would then be a huge tragedy. One important reminder to take note of is to never spill creamer over a bridesmaid’s dress (especially if its material is made from cheap satin!). A decent dress costs an investment of about 250 dollars and another 50 dollars for the alteration.

Those Flowers Are Not Yours To Keep

If you want to add a personal touch to your wedding, don’t fail to include the flowers, as well. Instead of choosing the colors and styles alone, let the significance of flowers aid in your decision-making.

Flowers have been used for centuries. In the Victorian era, flowers replaced words and gestures in expressing one’s feelings. Presently, this romantic gesture ranges from mere self-expression to aesthetic centerpieces during events. While flowers such as roses and carnations are often associated with love, some also signify fresh starts (such as the daffodil), faith (such as the iris), and determination (such as the hydrangea). Weddings usually take credit for having a large collection of flowers, and it is worth noting that these flowers usually come with a price. There are instances when guests would take the centerpiece home, assuming that the flowers are for the taking. Well, they aren’t.

Don’t Be a Party Pooper

It goes without saying that the bride and the groom have visualized their wedding for a long period of time. Planning a wedding involves more than just money as it costs something more valuable than that: time. On the other end of the spectrum, weddings are also as meaningful as the people who attend them.

We have all seen rude behaviors during a wedding ceremony. However, rudeness does not just encompass the highly embarrassing scenes. Rudeness can come in the most subtle degrees. To be that guest everyone wants to invite to their weddings, it is important to make the couple feel loved and to show them that you appreciate all the efforts they spent on the wedding. This can be apparent in the gift you bring, the clothes you wear, or simply in the way you act around other guests.

Military Attire Not Recommended

For the non-military people, the military Class-A Uniform is generally the equivalent of a formal outfit. Ethics dictates that wearing a Class-A uniform is permissible to be worn in an event that requires a formal outfit. It is also worth noting that they can be used in events that do not require formal outfits, but as a consequence, you might attract unnecessary attention because of overdressing.

However, in a wedding ceremony, it is perhaps in everyone’s best interest if a guest from the military opts to wear a non-military outfit. It is an unwritten rule that weddings are for the bride and groom and wearing a military outfit can take away the attention from the couple. There is definitely no rule stating that wearing such a uniform is inappropriate, but sometimes, it pays to have a certain degree of mindfulness.

Not All Weddings Are Open Bar

When it comes to wedding receptions, one of the most looked forward to events, aside from the knot-tying, is the alcohol. The truth is, there isn’t really a rule that states that booze is a requirement during weddings. The idea of an open bar seems nice, but us is certainly not an important factor that makes a wedding memorable. It goes without saying that having another look at your wedding budget can help cut costs because in the end, the wedding is not the most important thing, but the marriage.

As wedding guests, one should bear in mind that it is absolutely okay to miss out on an open bar. You should understand that people have to be frugal these days. The bride and groom will have to take credit if some of the guests get out of control. Take note, too much alcohol can lead to accidents.

Guests Should Never Try To Control The Wedding

Watching couples walk down the aisle, gaze at each other lovingly under the light-filled altar, and exchange their heartfelt vows is definitely an awe-inspiring experience regardless of one’s age or gender. The barrage of emotions, the free-flowing alcohol, and the utterly awkward seating positions, however, can be quite the bringers of entropy. Throw in the presence of attention-seeking guests, such as a drunk uncle, disagreeing bridesmaids, an overly-noisy mother, and you have the recipe for an unforgettable wedding.

Whether you’re the one getting married or one of the persons whose names are on the guest list, it’s helpful to have an idea of how to respond to situations like this before they manifest. It goes without saying that while weddings can bring families together, some can catalyze a certain degree of tension. Perhaps it’s best to inform your wedding planner ahead of time.

The Wayward Ways Of A Five-Year-Old

From the perspective of little children, weddings can seem like a day of fun: running around in a party dress, playing with favorite uncles, and a whole lot of treats (not to mention, attention!). In real life, wedding ceremonies can be boring and time-consuming, along with dinner receptions, which seem like the kids dread the most. If you ever decide to bring children to a future wedding, make sure your young ones don’t plunge into the pool wearing that expensive rental dress and the basket of red petals!

Before deciding to bring your children to the wedding, you have to take into credit their ages and tier expectations. Do they have important credits at the ceremony? Or only at the reception? It is vital to plan every bit of detail for a stress-free day for both parents and children.

Wedding Planning Is Hard

It is a known fact: wedding planning is hard. With an almost limitless number of things to accomplish, from the flowers to the outfits to the food and the venue, stress levels can multiply at lightning-fast speeds. One moment you’re just choosing between chicken or beef, before you know it, you’re somewhere else picking the flowers that would be used to line the pews.

It may be hard to fathom, but at the end of the day, guests would probably pay less attention than you think. Wedding invitations would end up in the trash bin a few weeks after. Programs would be ephemeral; most guests are excited about the booze. A simple cake will get equal attention as the painstakingly detailed cake that’s three times as expensive. The solution? Get a wedding planner and opt for a simpler wedding (you’re gonna need to save up on credit card bills in the future!).

Cake Does Not Belong On Anyone’s Face

After dedicating countless hours detailing every bit of your wedding, it goes without saying that expecting everything would run smoothly is normal. Stakes are high since the awaiting couples have been planning their perfect day for quite a while. However, there is no such thing as the perfect wedding. You can never take full control of every aspect as the wedding unfurls. Even the most well-planned and well-thought-of weddings may encounter bumps and potholes along the road.

One of the worst things that can probably happen is dropping the cake. In case this happens, though, experts recommend placing a lot of flowers around it. They also recommend skipping the buttercream wedding cake when one decides to get married under the 37-degree summer heat. If not supported, the wedding cake will most probably fall on one’s face, where it does not belong.

 Don’t Be A Bridezilla, Just Don’t

A bridezilla is a bride-to-be who has given most of her time and attention to planning the most minute detail of her wedding that it is considered to be obsessive and demanding. However, it goes without saying that brides have a lot to consider, especially when they’re trying to budget, who works full-time with a lot of credit card bills, and opt not to hire a wedding consultant. Combine all of these ingredients, and you have your very own bridezilla.

Time for planning will always be cut short, especially when you aim to get stuff done here and there the way you want it. Feelings regarding these matters are not invalid: the couple’s day is coming. They have put much of their time and money into planning the perfect wedding. There is immense pressure that can trigger the bridezilla to go all out. It is perhaps best to take time off to rest and recalibrate.

A Tacky Money Grab

Congrats! You are finally engaged! You (and your spouse-to-be) are probably in a high as you await the day you have been waiting a long time for. However, numbers don’t lie. Statistics state that the average wedding ceremony in the United States will most likely cost $19,000. This is a pretty expensive budget—and this does not even include the honeymoon!

When we’re talking about bills, a trip to the courthouse can save you thousands of credit card bills compared to grand weddings! However, this isn’t a discouragement. There are still ways to achieve the traditional wedding without compromising much of your budget. Plotting out your expenses can be hard, especially for the inexperienced.  Most times, the perfect wedding will not materialize mostly because of monetary issues, but it is better to have a simple and meaningful wedding than to go into debt.

Treat People With Kindness

We live in an era where rules of the old, such as the wedding traditions our parents and grandparents were accustomed to, can be bent. However, this does not also completely mean that whatever comes to mind can be done. Weddings are still considered to be meaningful formal events that require etiquette to be upheld by guests. One of the unwritten rules that need to be overstated is being kind to the food servers or anyone working at the wedding. With the wedding season coming up, people who work in the wedding industry are borderline exhausted. Just because a meal is paid for by Mr.-and-Mrs.-to-be doesn’t mean you get to treat the servers inferiorly.

Weddings are more than just venues for taking credit for the best dresses, crying the pent-up tears, and dancing the night away. Being a wedding guest involves certain responsibilities as well.

Mind The Veil

Bridal veils seem to be inherently magical. The moment a veil is placed on a woman’s head, a certain lightness emanates from her face, the tears start flowing—she officially becomes a bride. But what does this article of clothing do?  Is this really mandatory? Will a bad omen arise when the bride refuses to wear this? This tradition started with the Romans during the ancient times as a protection against evil spirits. The article of clothing is also a symbol of Vesta, the goddess of flame. Another interpretation says that the veil is a symbol of the bride’s virginity, being wrapped in a veil meant purity.

The veil also has certain interpretations in other cultures. For the Jews, it is a big part of the ‘Bedeken’ ceremony, wherein the groom covers his partner’s face with the veil. The story of Jacob takes credit for this. Yup, it’s best not to stop on the bride’s veil.

Cold Feet

As the wedding day approaches, it goes without saying that one may experience what they call cold-feet syndrome. It’s no big deal to be walking down the aisle. In that sense, no one is really ever alone in feeling this certain jitter. No one is perhaps exempted from this experience that stems from the fear of making the wrong decision. The slight hesitation is just a normal physiological reaction to the tension that comes with an approaching marriage. Having These so-called cold feet can be a way to reassess one’s feelings toward another person and closely scrutinize one’s insights about what this ceremony really means.

It is estimated that around 20% of engaged American couples back out from their weddings. This highlights the importance of recognizing cold feet when the syndrome arrives rather than succumbing to a degree of overreaction. This is not entirely bad. Think of this experience as a chance to view oneself in introspect.

The Preacher Didn’t Deserve That

We all have that person in our family that seeks a certain degree of attention that they think they deserve. It’s the type of person that thinks they are the center of the world and that everything is about them. This particular lady at this wedding certainly takes the cake. According to one family member, she already had a reputation of being annoying and narcissistic. Who knew that she would turn the attitude up a notch at such an important event, and no one would’ve expected who would be at the receiving end — the preacher.

The rabble-rouser was cordial to the preacher at first, who was a good family friend. She was even sitting next to him and listening to some small talk. Unfortunately for the ceremony presider, he made some unwanted comments about today’s youth which triggered the young lady. “You don’t even know me,” she yelled “How can you judge me like that!” before hurling insults and curses towards him. At the same time, the bride and groom were cutting their wedding cake. To top it off, she didn’t apologize, saying that she didn’t deserve that humiliation.

Where’s the Bridesmaid?

A photographer captured a funny moment when a bridesmaid passed out during her brother’s wedding. Just when the groom was about to kiss his wife, the bridesmaid went missing. Where was she? She was already lying flat down on the wooden flooring.

The groom named Kevin Kennedy Ryan decided to share the unexpected event on Imgur under the username DanAykroydFanClub. As expected, it quickly gained traction and got more than one million views in just a short time. According to him, his sister passed out the exact moment the judge said he could kiss the bride. At the time, he did not know yet that his sister already fainted. She was nowhere to be seen, and her legs and feet, which came out from her high-heeled shoes, were only things visible. A fellow bridesmaid, who was on her side at the time, was caught off-guard, looking down at her on the floor.

 A Wrong Moment in Time

Many have been choosing to have a beach wedding nowadays. It is not just romantic, but it is also aesthetic seeing the waves of the sea, the sand in your feet, and the beautiful sunset as you exchange the sweetest vows with your partner-in-life-to-be. Despite the hefty amount that comes with it, you will never mind using a little from your investment money for this. It is your special day anyway and a once-in-a-lifetime event, but what if something unexpected happens?

This is what this couple experienced when a parachute suddenly came crashing down near their wedding. The ceremony already started when the beach parachuter landed at the back of their wedding place. Though many were surprised, it looked like the officiant had the best time of his life as he was not only stunned. He could not help himself laughing while seeing this unbelievable sight behind the bride and the groom while exchanging their vows.

The Missing Groomsman

This one is another case of a groomsman who has found himself lying face down on the flooring. It looks like passing out or slipping in a wedding is now common, though it is still embarrassing. However, it seems like fainting is not the only thing that happened to this unfortunate groomsman.

According to reports, aside from faceplanting on the floor, he also lost a couple of his teeth when he passed out. Yikes! The incident was even caught on tape, and here, it could be seen how hard he fell on the ground when the singer started serenading the couple and the crowd. People started rushing to help the groomsman. At one point, a voice could even be heard asking to bring him water. Even the groom left his bride to give him a hand. Fortunately, after a few minutes, he managed to return on his feet while being escorted away from the scene.

A Cry-Baby Groom

It is one of the usual scenes in a wedding to see the groom cry. It usually happens the moment the bride walks down the aisle. Probably remembering everything they have been through before they finally tie the knot. The groom may be having a hard time containing the surge of emotions he is feeling. However, this next photo looks different.

The groom looks like a huge cry-baby as he seems literally weeping at his wedding. Is it because of the fact that his single life has come to an end and his being playful is now over? Nobody knows. The photo shows that he seems unhappy about getting married, and his wife looks like someone who has given up to console him. Is this a hint of a bad marriage? Hopefully, it is not. We just wish that these two will not end up opting for a legal separation and seeking the help of their lawyers.

Unhappy Parents

A family picture is an important part of a wedding. This is the time when you will show how supportive your family is of your decision to get married. It will also show how united the whole family is as they celebrate your special day. However, when it comes to parents, it looks like they are not always happy about it, just like this snap.

We are not sure if this is a case of parents who have a hard time letting go of their child or who never like their kid’s spouse. Whatever the reason is, this one looks eerie to a certain degree. As the bride and the groom are all smiles on their wedding day, the parents seem to have bad vibes about it. Are not they happy about the wedding? Well, we do not have any inch of ideas, as the photo can speak volumes for itself.

A Wrong Couple of Guests

There are several ways that a couple can entertain their guests at their wedding. For example, they can offer them dance or have a band serenade them while they are eating. The newlyweds can even hire an entertaining host who will keep everyone awake and entertained with his banters, but what do you think of hiring burlesque dancers?

You probably have not heard it before, but this is what this bold couple did at their wedding. By the looks of it, they did not mind going a little extra, not to mention too far on the most special day of their lives. They hired burlesque dancers to perform at their wedding, and at one point, one of them even gave the groom a lap dance. In a clip by Bravo TV, the dancer blindfolded the groom and danced on his laugh provocatively in front of many guests—and the wife, too! We cannot just imagine the degree of awkwardness everyone saw then.

One Photographer Down

No matter how hard you try to make your wedding the perfect day of your life, bad things may still happen. Weddings are not safe from any embarrassing moments that may involve the bride, the groom, or the guests. The photographers often capture these events, but what if the opposite happens?

This is what the cameraman Jamie Perkins experienced at one wedding he covered. As the newlyweds enjoyed their first dance together, he tumbled and fell flat on his face at the wooden flooring of the reception place. A different photographer captured the incident, and Perkins said it was the most embarrassing moment of his life. We could clearly see why. Despite the pain and embarrassment he might have felt at the time, he still thought of the couple, wishing he did not ruin their special moment with his slip.

A Bad Angle

Having a prenup photoshoot to celebrate the couple’s love before their wedding is now a thing. Pre-wedding photography has a lot of benefits. It is not only a romantic time for the soon-to-be husbands and wives, but it can also help to build a good rapport with the photographer.

If they happen to hire the same photographer at the wedding and the engagement shoot, they may develop a comfortable working relationship with each other. In fact, this is what this picture tells. Unfortunately, it looks like the photographer used the wrong angle in this snap. In a private photoshoot inside a bedroom, the bride placed her hand on the window while showing her beautiful engagement ring. It is a diamond ring, mind you, a good investment indeed. However, a man appears and bends exactly where her hand lies, making it look like she is touching his behind.

A Bizarre Photoshoot

Your pre-wedding photoshoot’s theme can be anything. They say that your imagination is your limit, and there is a flood of ideas that you can get inspiration from on the internet. From the most lavish to the simplest ones, you can find them online. You do not even have to take any online classes for this as it is easily available in just a click, so does this next slide got its inspiration from the internet?

We are not sure what to say about this aside from being bizarre. Sure, this one is out of the ordinary, from the gold wedding dress to the three men crawling behind. The guys at the back are not only shirtless. The first guy is biting a bouquet in his mouth; the second guy is biting what looks like a plastic cup; and the third guy is holding a set of flowers, too. Anyhow, just give it to them; they all look happy in the snap.

An Angry Bride

What kind of a bride would not wish her wedding to be perfect? Of course, every bride does! Most women are dreaming of having the ideal and perfect wedding that they can dream of. In fact, many do not mind making an investment in having their dream wedding. Everything has to be perfect, from the weather to the dress to the guests and everything in between.

However, the opposite happened to this angry bride. The wife-to-be looked annoyed as she had a hard time contending the wind that was blowing her wedding dress. It resulted in showing too much skin, exposing her legs as it caught the skirt of her outfit. The bride, too, was angry at someone who was taking her snaps. At one point, she even confronted the photographer, pointing her finger straight to the camera and seeming to question his move of taking her photos.

Bride’s Song to Groom

There is nothing sweeter than having your significant other perform for you on your wedding day. Some do a traditional dance, while others read poetry, while some just hire their partner’s favorite band to play for them. Others feel the need to belt out their hearts at the reception. Not wanting to dedicate just any song to her new husband, one bride opted to share her love for him with a heartfelt song that she wrote herself. To her credit, this is one song that she poured her time and energy into, so it should be well-received, right?

If the photo is anything to go by, you can see that the bride was giving it her all. The groom, on the other hand, looked a tad nervous about this surprise performance. We are wondering what kind of song she wrote for him to be less than enthusiastic about his wife’s heartfelt singing.

Another Way to Remove a Garter

Most wedding receptions will have different parts to it. From the best man and maid of honor giving a toast to the newlyweds, to cutting the wedding cake, to throwing the bridal bouquet to determine who will be wed next. Of course, there is the removal of the garter, which is done by the newlyweds. The groom will usually put his hands under his bride’s gown to remove the garter, which will then be thrown amongst the single guys in the party.

Some couples add their own personal twist to this tradition, but this one took it to the next level. Instead of using his hands, he removed the garter using his teeth! The unexpected steamy show may be for fun, but it might have caused their elders a bit of shock. The newlyweds did look like they did it to make their reception memorable. And, to their credit, we believe that this one will be the talk of their family for generations.

Bride on Blades

Strapping on rollerblades and just having fun at the park is a favorite pastime for people of all ages. However, seeing a bride in skates and on her wedding day no less? Though this might only be for a shoot and that it’s not really her wedding day. It is also a possibility that it was her wedding day, and she thought it would be cool to skate her way while in her full wedding gown! Either way, she looks like she had the time of her life.

Though many brides would take the safer road by wearing high heels or sneakers even, this one is proud to show off her skills with her rollerblades. If she can do her tricks while wearing her dainty wedding dress, it means that she put plenty of her time and made investments on being able to stay upright no matter what she is wearing.

Photos That Should Be Swept Under the Rug

Weddings are usually fun to be part of. You will see how couples prepared for their big day on how well the ceremony and the reception went. Though many keep with the traditional wedding, some tend to go all-out crazy with the party after the couple exchanged their “I do’s”. Take this newly wedded couple, for example. They seem to have thought it a great idea to take a portrait with a carpet as their backdrop. It might be for a joke, but we don’t find it funny.

The bridesmaids did look like they were having fun on top of their dates since it might remind them of their childhood days. We are hoping that the couple thought about the investment money they paid for a wedding photographer if they are just going to get these kinds of photos in their wedding album.

This Music Mix-Up

Every bride wants to have a wedding that will be memorable not just for her and her groom but for everyone in attendance. Most of the time, a wedding coordinator is hired to ensure that things flow smoothly from start to finish. But then again, there are times when an unexpected hitch happens. It’s either you laugh it off, try to be discreet and have your coordinator fix it, or just blow up as some bridezillas tend to do.

In one wedding, the bride wanted to walk down the aisle with a song by Christina Perri. Instead, the song, Despacito, started playing, which, not surprisingly enough, put a sudden pause to the bride. She then turned to her coordinator and told her it wasn’t the right song. To the coordinator’s credit, the mix-up was corrected and the wedding continued. The husband later stated that the whole thing wasn’t a prank! Fortunately, the mix-up didn’t put a halt to the whole event.

Jabba The Hutt

Themed weddings are something to look forward to as they give a glimpse of what the couples are fans of. There have been reports of Harry Potter-themed weddings complete with robes and owls, while others opted to go for fairy tale weddings. Some, like this happily married couple, may not have a specific wedding theme, but they did give a glimpse of what movie they are fans of in the form of their wedding cake.

If you are expecting a large white wedding cake with all the works, theirs was in the shape of Jabba the Hutt! The Star Wars-themed cake may have been one of the highlights of the reception since it stands out quite a bit from other wedding cakes out there. At least the couple seemed to be enjoying slicing into this villainous character. It goes to show that they made the right call with the investment money they put into their wedding.


Weddings are for everyone regardless of whether they walk on two legs or four. There are couples who include their fur babies in their wedding entourage, while others invite an alpaca to their reception. Yes, you read that right, an alpaca. These two seem to be really close friends with their furry guest whom they snapped a shot with in this wedding photo. Since the bride and the groom have their say on their wedding day, seeing an alpaca is not a big deal.

We are not sure whose alpaca it was that made an entrance to this couple’s wedding, but, to their credit, they sure know how to handle one in this adorable shot. This is definitely one for the books, don’t you think? The alpaca seems to be handling being the star of the moment calmly as he posed for the photo with poise.

Asleep at the Reception

Weddings are one of the happiest days in any family. The party after the ceremony is when everyone, including the bride and groom, goes all out and just celebrate a milestone with their family and friends. Of course, this also means that there will be plenty of food and drinks being served. And with all the drinks flowing in a wedding reception, someone is bound to get plastered sooner or later. Though some can get rowdy when they are intoxicated, some tend to be quiet.

Take, for example, this gentleman who chose to fall asleep in his chair while still holding on to his drink. With his head held low and away from other party-goers, the gentleman drifted off to sleep. To his credit, he preferred to be discreet so as not to ruin the party. Hopefully, someone brought him to his home after the festivities.

Freak Out

Most wedding couples will have photographers trailing them all day long. This is to ensure that every bit of their wedding will be snapped up for memory keeping. Some photographers know when the right time is to take a photo, while others might be a bit too enthusiastic about following their assignment to the point that they break some rules. Take, for example, this photo where the bride was caught with her pants down, so to speak.

It seems that the bride wants to go to the bathroom, and her ever-reliable bridesmaids are helping her with keeping her gown up. Though the photo is hilarious, especially with the reactions of the bride and her bridesmaids, perhaps the photographer needs to learn a lesson or two about privacy. We are not sure how the bride would react to this, but we’re hoping that they got something out of their investments after the celebration.

Leaning Tower of Cake

Wedding couples often spend a good deal of their investment money on buying their needs for their wedding. Aside from the food and drinks, they also have to consider the cost of their wedding cake. After all, a wedding will not be complete without a wedding cake to be sliced in front of all the guests. That is why the cake is often set off to one place where it will not be bumped into by anyone.

What if it is the wedding couple that made a booboo? This couple might have gotten way too close to their wedding cake during the slicing ceremony that they toppled it off from the table! We are hoping that they laughed it off; otherwise it would have been awkward. Note to self, make sure that the wedding cake is placed on a stable surface and must not be moved at all.

This forgotten detail:

The symbol of wearing a wedding ring is best implied in its shape: a circle. History has been a witness to the many interpretations of this shape: totality, wholeness, perfection, and timelessness. This concept is what underlies the use of wedding rings; the exchange of these seemingly mundane pieces of jewelry is a promise of devotion to a husband or wife for eternity.

Despite the meaning we put behind these symbols, there are times when preparing for a wedding can be tiring, such as the case when one bride forgot her husband’s ring. Just before the minister commenced the exchange of vows, it suddenly hit the bride-to-be that she forgot her husband’s ring in her purse. The other guests were perhaps shocked to a certain degree when she pointed her finger towards the backroom while mouthing, “his ring is in my purse.” Good thing her dad understood what she meant and slipped the ring to her.

This drunken disaster:

It is obvious where people will head to after a wedding: the open bar, of course. This makes perfect sense. Single folks who are sick of nosy relatives prying over them of their romantic interests would probably line up for a rum and Coke. Guests seated with strangers have probably been feeling awkward all throughout. A shot of tequila might just get credit for the extra dose of social energy. For everyone else, a toast to the newlyweds with water might just seem wrong.

It’s a different story altogether when the new bride invades the open bar. One bride, a few months before her wedding, quit drinking. The story even gets better with the presence of a generous bartender. We all probably know what would happen to her next—she was so drunk that she did not remember the last half of her wedding.

This fiery fiasco:

Wedding attires have changed in subtle ways throughout the years, but one article of clothing seems to remain despite the strong current of time: the wedding veil. One superstitious belief of having the to-be wife wear the veil has to do with the Ancient Greeks and Romans’ fear of bad spirits and demons; the veil seemed to obscure the wearer’s face from them. With the advent of religious ceremonies, the veil eventually takes credit as a symbol for modesty and obedience.

However, there are some cases where the layers of clothing can be quite too much for the bride-to-be, such as the woman who was just on the brink of setting her veil on fire. As she lit the unity candle, her veil was still obstructing her face. As she lifted her veil to blow out the candle, it accidentally passed through the flame and burned a hole in it.

This photo fail:

The importance of wedding photography cannot be overstated enough: it is the process where the couple’s day will be immortalized. It is more than just capturing certain moments, but it is a retelling of the story of a perfect and unforgettable day, especially for the clumsy bride who always has the tendency to break something or trip on something.

One clumsy bride claimed to have been elated to make it through her wedding without any mishap all throughout the ceremony. For their dramatic send-off, her friends and family lined up along the stairs’ railings. Assuming that the picture would be more appealing if they did a jump shot, which the bride suggested to the photographer. She seemed to forget that her dress only allowed limited movement in her legs. The pavement met her just as fast as she leaped. Fortunately, the photographer should get more credit as he captured the momentous scene on camera.

This flying footwear:

It goes without saying that the father-daughter dance during a wedding is an intimate moment when the bride honors her father. It represents a degree of gratitude towards a father’s love as she approaches a new phase in life. At its best, the dance can stimulate mixed emotions. At worst, it can perhaps be awkward, especially when the bride wears the wrong size of shoes which can be quite annoying.

One bride, in an attempt to preserve the intimacy of the moment, discreetly kicked one shoe off successfully, which landed neatly near a chair. The second shoe, however, launched like a missile across the room, nearly hitting two guests. Sights like this don’t happen much. A couple of inches off the trajectory, and things could have escalated for the worse. Either way, this might just be the recipe for an unforgettable wedding reception.

Unwanted Brain Fart

User sarahannw453cb5fbe shares an awkward and embarrassing moment during her wedding. She shares that her husband accidentally forgot his name while they were reciting their vows. To his credit, he has three middle names, and together with his first and last name, that’s a total of five names. After saying his first two names, he completely blanked and couldn’t remember the rest.

There are certainly a ton of factors why her husband forgot his name. It could possibly be that he didn’t get enough sleep the night before, and it resulted in a temporary memory loss. It could also be due to the nerves that he was feeling at the moment. However, despite all of his excuses, it certainly won’t be enough to change that awkward moment, where it will always be a running joke to both of them and to all who attended their wedding.

No Laughing Matter

User rooster05 shared that they had a fairly generic wedding, and they certainly didn’t want to make their own personalized vows. The officiant then made them recite the most basic vows, and rooster05 found himself laughing during the entire ordeal. He even struggled to get any words out. It came to the point where he was laughing so hard that he was already crying, and everyone who attended was uncomfortable.

The user also shared that they barely lasted a year. You could say that he shouldn’t have been hysterically laughing when it came to reciting their basic vows. Nonetheless, we certainly have to give this couple credit for lasting an entire year. We certainly hope that their separation was on good terms and that no party was hurt in the process. You could say that this experience is one of the most embarrassing ones on our list.

The First Kiss Fail

A user named llland3111 shared how an embarrassing and awkward moment came during their small social-distanced wedding. They decided to push through with a wedding and get hitched amidst the global health situation during the past year. To make sure that their loved ones witnessed the event, they decided to virtually broadcast their wedding. It seemed like a great idea as they’d get to get married while keeping everyone safe at the same time.

However, after the first kiss, many people asked the user where she was and what happened because she disappeared from the frame. The bride disappeared from the frame as her now-husband decided to be romantic and dipped her for their first kiss. The awkward thing is that the husband wasn’t careful enough, and he accidentally dropped her. To her credit, she found the entire ordeal hilarious, and she’s more than ready to get roasted by all of their family, friends, and coworkers.

The Awkward Silence

Another embarrassing wedding moment on our list comes from a user named samhamblin95. She details that she and her husband had a big and beautiful church wedding. It must’ve been part of their investment planning to have a grand wedding in a big church. Without a doubt, she was incredibly emotional during the reading of their vows. Little did she know that the vow reading was going to be one of the most awkward moments of her life.

When the officiant asked her husband if he took her to be his wife, his husband said, “I do.” When the officiant asked her, she accidentally forgot her lines, and what followed was an entire minute of awkward silence. After that prolonged moment of silence, she eventually gasped and said, “Oh me! I do!'” You could say that the nerves got to her, and it led to a complete mental block.

A Dangerous Dance Move

A user named @historyteacher shared how their embarrassing wedding moment came because she and her husband didn’t practice their first dance ahead of time. You could say that the first dance is one of the most-awaited spectacles of the entire occasion. To their credit, the dance was going pretty well with the fact that they hadn’t done any practice. However, the couple decided to do a spin move, which resulted in a terrifying turn of events.

Their spin move attempt resulted in the bride almost dislocating her shoulder. You could say that the decision to do the move almost resulted in an injury. Moreover, the wedding photographer was able to take a timely snapshot of the entire bridal party, and they certainly looked terrified. Though it was an awkward and embarrassing moment, the bride says that it makes her laugh and giggle every time she sees the photo.

The Self-Love Moment

A user named kjs822’s awkward wedding moment came after she and her husband chose to write their own vows to each other. Writing your own vows is undoubtedly more intimate rather than choosing to recite basic vows to one another. Interestingly, she spent months writing her own vows, and without a doubt, she was incredibly proud of them. One of the vows included a line, “I love you, not only for what you have made yourself but also for what you are making me.”

Despite her romantic intentions, things took an awkward turn once she accidentally said, “I love me.” In turn, the crowd laughed hysterically, but to her husband’s credit, he handled it gracefully. After that, she says that she felt mortified and stammered while she read the rest of her vows. Today, it’s a running joke in both of their families.

The Surprise Pill

You could say that a user named @belnoah experienced quite an embarrassing moment during his wedding. He says that his wedding including a blessing, and they drank wine twice as part of the ceremony. Interestingly, he was only expecting one, and he became so flustered and surprised. Due to the surprise, he accidentally knocked the cup, causing him to spill wine all over his bride’s dress.

We’re certainly giving him the benefit of the doubt, as it would take a ton of wine for someone to become intoxicated. Maybe he really was just surprised, and that knocking the cup over was his immediate reaction. To his wife’s credit, she played it off gracefully, and user @belnoah says that she’s still his wife after three years. We certainly hope that that awkward moment won’t be brought up whenever they have arguments or misunderstandings as a couple.

The Sweaty Celebration

This next awkward moment is a reminder that things may not unfold as planned. A user named @bexs1 details her wedding and that she danced the night away. On the other hand, her groom worked the room, and she was dancing so hard that she got incredibly sweaty. In turn, when everyone came to say their goodbyes, the bride was already flushed and drenched in sweat.

You could say that the bride looked like she just finished running a marathon in her gown. She was so drenched and flushed that sweat flowed down her bareback. To her credit, she was playing it off gracefully as she told everyone not to touch her. However, there were a few people whom she didn’t warn or didn’t hear her warning. They eventually touched her drenched and wet back, and they visibly recoiled. It’s definitely not a good idea to get good cardio in on the night of your wedding.

And Lastly, This Double Dilemma

We’ve saved up the best for last, and the credit goes to a user named @klirwi13. The user details that there were already things that were going wrong leading up to their wedding ceremony. You could say that these events were a bad omen for what was to come. The worst moment came when she assisted in setting up their glass centerpieces, and she accidentally broke off a piece. In turn, it caused her to gash her finger badly.

The gash caused blood to spill all over her bridal robe. She then detailed that she was trying so hard not to cry and mess up her makeup. Luckily, a nice man had a first aid kit, and the man gladly helped clean her up. However, she had to skip the entire getting-ready photos because she looked like she just came from Carrie’s prom. Her husband also had his fair share of bad luck as he ripped his pants during their dance. To the couple’s credit, they both laugh about their wedding day, and she has a wicked scar on her finger to commemorate that special and eventful day!

A Pastor Who’s Pessimistic

A user named @kimberlyb33 shared that the pastor was the one to blame for her awkward and embarrassing wedding moment. During her wedding, the pastor who was presiding over the ceremony forgot to say, “You may now kiss the bride.” Once the pastor stopped talking, the groom, bride, and the people who attended the wedding just sat there. You could say that they didn’t have a clue if they should wait or clap.

You could say that silence played an integral role in this awkward wedding moment. The groom and bride certainly weren’t oriented that there would be a long pause after the vows. To the groom’s credit, he simply took matters into his own hands and leaned in and kissed his bride. It looks like the pastor presiding over the ceremony needs to review the traditional flow of a wedding all over again.

You’ve Reached The End