Hollywood Starts with A Love Story that Lasts

Hollywood romances are usually tagged as a spur of the moment relationships as most celebrities don’t usually end up together for so long. Some marriages would only last for a year or two, while in some cases it only lasts for months. Although this stigma is present among Hollywood couples, there are those who defied the odds. Read on to see the Hollywood couple who managed to have their love game strong.


Known from a bloodline of great artists, Jeff Bridges also worked his way up to earn a name in the Hall of Fame. Both his parents are prominent names in the industry, namely, Lloyd and Dorothy Bridges. Jeff managed to meet his wife at the early age of 28. The couple met in one of their shooting locations and fell in love. Although the couple had a rough patch as Jeff was not ready to settle yet, Dorothy gave him an ultimatum, which prompted him to tie the knot.

His marriage to Susan Geston bore fruit to three beautiful and wonderful daughters Isabelle Annie, Jessica Lily, and Haley Roselouise, who all became women of their own. However, Jessica might probably make occasional headlines for her excellent songwriting skills. We guess the Bridges line of Hollywood big names might still live on, after all.